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At the Edge of the Beginning

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  • 1. Le'Chakot (To Wait) Download from iTunes
  • 2. Ha'Yad Ha'Chama (The Warm Hand) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    The familiar and the known

    The taken for granted

    Is folded in the chambers of my heart

    Refuses to surrender to the pain

    From week to week

    Looking forward to the real thing

    That will open the locked doors

    Enter, and envelop me strongly

    Ho, the warm hand

    Ho, the togetherness in the silence

     It’s been years since anyone passed by

    To paint old walls

    Ho, the warm hand

    Ho, touch of comfort

    It’s been a long time since I heard a soft knock on the door

    A guest from near or far

    To remember, to keep and again to forget

    To release and again to hold anew

    People like me who became bitter

    Blame the world for their loneliness

  • 3. Ba'Yeshimon (In the Wilderness) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    Deserted land

    No priest and no prophet

    There is one great love which is all ours

    To understand the signs

    To search for the ways

    To continue navigating between difficult questions

    Without clear rules

    Everyone goes out

    Everyone comes back

    In the wilderness everyone strays

    Into the desert

    To this love which is ours

  • 4. Mabitim Ba'Yare'ach (Looking at the Moon) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    The hand’s safe touch

    Looking at the moon

    You say look

    Not for us, he shines

    And there is simple love

    Looking at it as in a mirror

    One to walk at her side

     Doesn’t ask you to die for her

    To nurture the child

    God, take care of her

    May she just be healthy
    That she will get up when he will speak to her

    A tired man for whom there is nothing

    That he would have died for

    Like many years ago

    When he still thought that the moon is for him

  • 5. Ma'agalim (Circles) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    At the place where the day ends

    At the time the heart begins

    Night returns and takes over

    And circles close

    There is an imaginary movement

    And trains cross mountains

    Back to the point

    Where circles close

    Circles, circles

    The way we stay

    In the circles of life

    Clinging to people

    Circles, circles

    The way we stay

    Waking to a new day

    Coming back and trying again

    Maybe tonight we will stay

    If you will again come and visit

    Our gentleness together

    Has something that dazzles

    To be thrown into the night

    To get drunk from another light

    To crash into life

    To believe, not to give up

  • 6. Ei Boded (Lonely Island) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    Lonely island

    Wandering island

    Sails alone in the water

    With and against the wind

    Lonely island

    Without a sail


    Out of control

    Begins, and ends again

    Every day dying a little

    And a whole life is born

    Crying from laughter

    Laughing tears

    If to die, may it be near the cries of babies

  • 7. Yalda Shelli Ktana (Little Girl of Mine) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    I have a little girl

    Never cries without cause

    She has her own reasons

    Which she keeps to herself

    Everything she knows

    And that she hears

    She sees everything with her eyes

    And she understands everything

    And if you will see someone like

    This little girl of mine

    Doesn’t want to sleep now

    So we are both in bed

    And her mother says

    May she only be healthy

    May she only be good

    As she herself already is

    Like this little girl of mine

    My little girl whispers

    Speaks without words

    Through the white nights with her

    A small caressing voice

    And when she smiles at me

    It’s always from the bottom of her heart

    So I fall in love with her again

    And every day it gets stronger

  • 8. Delet Mistovevet (Revolving Door) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    This is a revolving door

    Could be different

    Back and forth

    Always returns

    And then just the two of us were left

    Left alone

    Near the end of the road

    At the edge of the beginning

    A picture in a frame

    You are here and you are different

    You are not a silent child anymore

    Not yet a grown woman

    There is light at the end of the road

    He will ask if you remember

    Even if it’s dark and you are startled

     With him you are safe

    It’s a crumbling stone

    A memory beyond the door

    There is the past and there is heritage

    There is rest and tranquility

    And light that waits for you

    One that will only be by your side

    All the way

    Every obstacle and every happiness

    And what happened between us

    We lost ourselves

    And didn’t find peace

    And a moment of calm

    Whether like this or otherwise

    It can be different

    Don’t say it’s the end of the road

    Breathe in, open a window

     Rest your eyes

     Stem your tears

    There are days you are content

    There are days of deafening silence

  • 9. Ga'agua (Longing) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes


    Clouds change


    In the falling leaves

    In a faded picture

    Old love



    How the years pass by


    Suddenly we became grown-ups

    No more whispering secrets

    Shining light under the blanket

    With everything that was closed inside me

    I was carried on the wind

    On wings of time

    Secrets and lies

    The wounded heart

    Is waiting for the warm hand

    How is it, that for all the years

    I was carried on the wind

    With everything that was closed inside me

    Secrets and lies

    The wounded heart

    Is waiting for the warm hand


    The old neighborhood


    To return, running

    The smell of Friday evening

    Everything comes back to me slowly

    And everything is stormy again

  • 10. Be'Chamesh Shniyot (In Five Seconds) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    In five seconds

    Left to live

    A full world

    A full world

    Deep inside the heart

    Hidden thoughts

    A full world

    A full world

    To look for reasons

    And to ask questions

    To wait for answers

    To remember and to forget

    To leave, to return

    To loose and to keep

    To release ropes

    A circle closes

    Before the night is over

    And day breaks

    A full world

    A full world

    She sleeps by day, by night

    And keeps secrets

    A full world

    A full world

    On Saturdays and weekdays

     To sanctify everything

    And to know from where

    So as to continue forward

    Deep in the chest

    A memory rises

    There is a reason why we lived

    In this world

  • 11. Lifney She'Yigamer (Before It Ends) Song Lyrics Download from iTunes

    Be not afraid to fall in love

    That the heart will break

    Be not afraid to lose along the way

    To get up every morning

    And to go out into the world

    And to try everything before it all ends

    To search from whence we came

    And in the end always to return to the beginning

    To find yet more beauty in everything

    And to dance until overcome by exhaustion

    Or love

    Of all the moments in time

    To find one to hold onto

    To say that we have arrived

    Always to remember to stop for a moment

    To give thanks for what we have, and from whence we came

    To hug her at night

    When she falls asleep

    Then the whole world calms down
    To breathe her in deeply

    To know that always

    I will be there for her